Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Man, I have got to do a better job on keeping this active. I dont think anyone is actually checkin up on this since there is never any updates but still.....I wish I knew how to link my phone so I can post stupid ass crap on here that I come across....I want to give props to my boy Andy (Fear no Beer) He is looking studly and I congratulate him on his latest workout routine and efforts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday morning;

9:00am; The phone rings, its an 818 area code. I blew it off thinking it was just another telemarketer or someone trying to sell me some insurance that everyone knows I need some how. I let the voice message pick it up and if it was important enough then they would leave a message right?

9:10am; Phone rings again, same number. What the heck man! Just leave a message! I figured Id answer if it had to be that important...turns out it was JPL asking my plans for the weekend. I reply with nothing (even if I had a crap ton of work to get done, you dont tell JPL your busy)

12:00 noon; Im on my way to SLO airport to partake in a CRAZY 3 day trip to Argentina to watch the launch of my project I was working on over the past summer. I have thrown the best of the best pictures together for your viewing pleasure.
My first stop being the launch site.
This the the butte that they are throwing up, crossing fingers that it does not have the same fate as NASA's 248 million mess up at Vandenberg.
Next stop was a ride to the Bed and Breakfast I got to call home and set up a computer to connect with all of you guys at home

setting up the blog....
The office room never seems to be used......at all!
I then was allowed to visit the city...Buenos Aires...with 2 other team members. We grabbed a cab before dinner in which the itinerary will then be handed out.
In the middle of the city are ruins from long ago. Diego tells me they are ruins from a 4th century Roman temple.....I argue that it was a place of sacrifice and death for the God of wealth......he was right.
Argentina's most famous cemetery,La Recoleta Cemetery is the burial ground for Buenos Aires' rich and powerful. Since political power plays kept her body from being buried in Argentine soil, there is a bronze plaque noting the final resting place of the beloved Evita PerĂ³n.

We then take a trip to La Boca, Argintina's most tourist-oriented neighborhoods.
Too bad its also one of Buenos Aires poorest places as well :(
I dont know what this guy is doing paint like that but I figured he wanted to be as manly as possible and stay away from pink!
Dego and wifey....get it man get it!

After a great visit, we caught some dinner and the launch time and viewing decks.....had to go with my roots on choice of beverage

And watching my project go up in flames....literally!!!
You can really see how it lights up a cloud covered sky! I did not need any flashlight for the whole 18 seconds it was in my sight!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring 09

Spring 09 quarter will start in the near future and for the first time in a year and a half I will be in Corona for more than 6 months (pending internship opportunities). A lot has changed since the last post and you guys are in for a treat. A new blog has started.....Fear No Beer, so you can check that out on your free time. Meanwhile I got my fixie up and running, though just discovered a flat tire :(, ruined my morning. I have been getting more into photography and have to give a shout-out to my boy Andrew Hunter who has worked with the likes of Ed Templeton and Curtis Tamm and Jason Reyes who is always an inspiration in the creative aspect of my life. I am in the process of purchasing a Canon EOS 20d to help further my new found hobbie. I have found that I really enjoy the train ride to and from SLO. The scene is beautiful and time goes by so fast, when the sun is out that is.

Time passed pretty fast with 2 movies. The Happening, starring Mark Whalberg (D Hearts gives it 1.5 hearts) and Hamlet 2 [4 hearts (Not 5 only because I saw Coogan's junk) ]

The view from the Pacific Surfliner, the name itself makes you want to take the 10hr train ride from SLO to San Diego everyday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I realized that I had a blog! A great thanks to the Bear Den to recognize this and show some love on his site. I got back in SLO today around 1 pm and wish I was back in Corona already. I spent the weekend hanging out with friends and actually went on my first ride. Thanks in part to Mason Jar Clothing, American Apparel, BeatNik.....and whoever else contributed! The winter quarter has started out in a rush and I am already behind on work! Should be an interesting 6 months and I hope to be back on more regular terms! Anyway, Thanks for taking the time!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Day...

Today I will be resigning my post as intern DanMan at JPL. It has been a great summer and lots of fun times were had. I am the only one on my floor today because of the Aerospace schedule has every other friday off but I have to be here to pick up my last check. Pictures will be posted soon of the Mars Lander that they are shipping to mars in 15 months as well of my office and surroundings.

With summer coming to an end as well, I want to thank everyone for some great times. Over-the-line, movies and bonfires. Good times. Cal Poly should be a fun time this year with the fixed gear community starting to blossom and the holidays rearing it's head around.

Short day today so it should be a good night! Have a good day kids!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Morning 7th Anniversary

There seems to be a pattern here. 1st the end of the world is predicted. Then its the 7th anniversary of 9/11. It is a surreal event and I am saddened for those who had relatives or friends involved but the only reason I bring it up is because I have to great friends that are at ground zero today. The Bear does bring up a good point, every time this subject comes up it seems like we all must recount our exact whereabouts leading up to this tragedy. Not being one to be denied I must give you readers MY take on that day. We were all in high school and I saw the tele before I left that something exploded into one or both, cant remember, of the towers. Went on with my business and headed towards Mr. Beach's Physics class. As I arrive at school and enter into his classroom, a girl comes walking out crying. Naturally I asked what was wrong and she pointed out the fact that the towers fell and gave me a look that would strike down Zeus. Good grief woman! I soon learned the impact it had on all of us and each year gives me a little more insight towards what our nation is built upon. I do feel that this empire is falling however, and that greater changes than just a new President must be put in to action.

On the lighter side of things, before I snowball this whole post, I wanted to let you know that I ordered a complete fixed gear. I will not have a car this school year so what better way to get around? A few of my friends put together a fixed gear forum for those of us in SLO so I urge you to check it out!

Also, second to last day at work so I brought a few mason stickers to JPL and a camera.....lets see where the jar can go!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Intro: Day of Inception

I thought it relevant to start on the day the world will end. Well this is what is thought by many "doomsdayers" around the world as the Large Hadron Collider is switched on today. I personally believe that this Armageddon will not occur until the year 2012. In order to see where I'm coming from we must venture back to the years of the Mayans. The Mayans made a calender which ended in 2012. Many theorologists believe that this was meant to be a prophecy for the end of this world. The LHC does not plan to be in full till then....hmmmmm. Interesting.

In other news, almost done with the internship at JPL and will be heading back to San Luis Shortly to finish up this god awful degree that has taken way to long. Saints are 1-0, Angels are close to tying up their 4th division championship in 5 years. Overall good summer. Got to hang with all the friends a lot and I wish more. Going back up to SLO is beautiful but lonely.